Basketball Playbook Designer 2011. Designed By Coaches... For Coaches!!

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Since 1999 we have helped thousands of youth basketball coaches by providing a wide range of coaching resources.

Basketball Playbook Designer 2011 was build from the ground up with the youth basketball coach in mind. While we were not the FIRST basketball playbook creator on the market, we truly believe OURS will be the last one you ever use.

So why are we better than the rest?

  • WE are NOT programmers, WE ARE COACHES.
  • We have drawn up hundreds, maybe thousands of basketball plays, both by hand and "other" playbook maker software packages and never found one this EASY TO USE.
  • WE focused on what matters... A software that will actually SAVE YOU time, and HELP YOUR PLAYERS learn the playbook.

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Software Benefits

  • Save time by using a playbook designer that is easy to use and easy to learn.

    Save Time

    The list of ways this software will save you time is quite long.

    To start, it will only take you a few MINUTES to get up and running.

    No complex manuals or books to read, just to use the software.

    NO MORE COPIES. Quit making countless copies of your playbook. Share your playbook with your team ONLINE.

    Customize your playbook WEEK BY WEEK, without having to redraw everything, and again SHARE THE UPDATES online with your players and staff.

  • Help your players ACTUALLY learn their assignments.

    Help Your Players Learn

    Let's face it, the most well designed play called at the perfect moment will fail 100 out of 100 times if the KIDS forget or misunderstand their assignments.

    Young players want to play basketball, not stare at a piece of paper, kids need something MORE to keep their attention.

    That is why we included the TUTORIAL MODE, which allows your players to view their assignments for EACH play in a fully animated tutorial.

    And we included Text-to-Speech (TTS) so that every word of assignment text you type in is played as a narrator while the animated play is in action.

    THIS REQUIRES NO EXTRA WORK FOR YOU. Draw it once and done.

  • You can be creating your playbook 5 minutes from now

    Download Available

    Have the software on your desktop or laptop in 5 minutes with instant download.

    Save on shipping charges too!!

Playbook Features

  • Share your playbook with your entire team.

    Share Playbook

    Using our online team manager you will be able to share your basketball playbooks with your entire team and coaching staff.

  • Watch all of the football plays as an animated video tutorial.

    Video Tutorials

    Every one of our plays are designed to run as a fully animated video tutorial.

    This allows you to share your playbooks with your players and they can study the video tutorial at home.

    This will allow the PARENTS to help their KIDS learn, even if they know nothing about basketball, as the tutorial does all the work.

    It's basically the "Take home coach".

  • You can print your playbook in a variety of layouts.

    Multiple Print Options

    You can print the plays you need in a variety of layouts.

    Plays can be printed in full color, grayscale or black and white. In addition you can choose to print the play full page, or up to 4 plays per page.

  • Easy to use drawing tools.

    Easy, Effective Drawing Tools

    If you can DREAM it, you can DRAW it.

    Curved lines, straight lines, dashed lines, dotted lines, if you can point and click, YOU can draw it!!.

    You can assign a player the ball, then indicate when and where to pass or dribble.

    All of this helps you get DONE drawing and spend more time planning and coaching.

    Full Feature List